Authorized to engage in interstate/foreign commerce

Quality Distribution, LLC is proudly DOT Approved, which means we’re authorized to engage in interstate and foreign commerce. This approval by the Department of Transportation testifies to our adherence to all federal regulations and standards, ensuring the safe and legal transportation of goods across state and national borders.

Common carrier

As a Common Carrier, Quality Distribution, LLC provides transportation services to the public under a regulatory authority. We offer our services to all customers without discrimination, ensuring fair prices, transparency, and adherence to all regulatory requirements. Our services as a common carrier cover a wide range of goods, catering to various industries.

Contract carrier

In addition to being a common carrier, Quality Distribution, LLC also operates as a Contract Carrier. This means we provide specialized transportation services under contractual agreements with specific shippers. Our contract carrier services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, offering more flexibility and personalized service.

Transportation broker

Quality Distribution, LLC is also a Transportation Broker, connecting shippers with suitable carriers to facilitate efficient and cost-effective freight movement. Our vast network and industry experience enable us to find the best match for your logistics needs, ensuring your goods are transported timely and safely.